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Check-iT verifies the authenticity of documents on an annual subscription basis for the main competence sets for workers, staff and crew in the offshore business sector. In addition, single documents may be added to an individual’s existing competence portfolio. Any of the competences listed can be added at any time within the subscription period.

The complete set of documents does not have to be entered to the profile at once, and may be entered as required. The subscription fee reflects the collection of data needed for the process of verification. The fee for consecutive years of the subscription reflects the maintenance of the collected data and the renewal of documents of the client’s portfolio. When applying for the authenticity verification of a document of competence that has been renewed, the last issued and most recent document must be applied for.

For the verification of a chain of documents leading to either CoCs, Dynamic Positioning Certificates or other, contact our Service Desk or refer to our Advisory Page.


Diplomas and Transcripts COC – Certificate of Competence COP – Certificate of Proficiency Crane:

  • G20
  • G5 – 1,2,3,4
  • Sparrow I,II,III


  • SSO
  • Designated Security Duties
  • Security Awareness

Dynamic Positioning:

  • Certificate
  • Advanced Course
  • Basic Course

Basic Safety Training NOG/OPITO HUET HLO Search and Rescue Lifeboat Coxwain MOB-Boat First Aid Medical Treatment Firefighter Leader On-Scene Commander Emergency Management

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Examples of single documents may be, however not restricted to: Health Certificates Reference Checks CV-Checks Open Searches Visa and Work Permits STCW Basic Safety Training:

  • A-VI/1-1
  • A-VI/1-2
  • A-VI/1-3
  • A-VI/1-4

STCW Advanced Safety Training:

  • A-VI/2-1
  • A-VI/3
  • A-VI/4-1
  • A-VI/4-1

Other Documents

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