IMO – Fraudulent Certificates

IMO explains the extent of forged certificate of competency and equivalent endorsement. In this study it was a 56% response rate out of the total of 97 maritime administrations contacted. The findings from the responders was 12.635 cases of forgery in certificate of competency and equivalent endorsement. The report shows us that there is no knowledge of the [...]

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Bennett Report – Mona Lisa Project

The scale of the problem of false seafarer certification is unquantifiable. It is unquestionable that at any given time there could be literally thousands of false certificates in circulation. The few hundred that the IMO are aware of are published in the STW 40/4, 41/4 and 42/4 reports and of these, only a tiny, single figure number [...]

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Unqualified Brazilian tugboat crew member…arrested!

The crew member of a tugboat was arrested with false documents in Macaé, on Friday (13) during inspection by the Federal Police and the Port Authority. According to the PF, the 60-year-old man's document had false information regarding the crew member's competence and allowed him to command the vessel. The man was taken to the [...]

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