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Check-iT founded in 2015 is located in the
North Western part of Norway in the town of Aalesund

The region is renowned for being in the heart of the Norwegian Maritime  and Marine Cluster, an industrial and competence HUB and a busy travel destination.

Check-iT perform control and verification of authenticity of documents of competence and related services.

False or fraudulent certificates and documentation
of competence come in various types and levels

1. Fabricated Certificates

2. Genuine altered certificates

3. Genuine certificates based on false documentation

4. Genuine certificates issued by disloyal officials or training institutions

Within the Maritime and Offshore sector a number of documents are related to the education, training and competence & ID of maritime officers and ratings of all ranks

  •  Diplomas of Education
  • Certificates of Competence (COC)
  • Certificates of Proficiency (COP)
  • Certificates of Training (COT)
  • Endorsements
  • Seafarer ID
  • Sea Service Log Books
  • Specialized Training as:
    • Dynamic Positioning Systems
    • Crane Operations